Nutri-Test: Platform for screening of malnutrition and undernutrition in cancer patients and other patients at risk.


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Our mission is to provide more accessible nutrition therapy for cancer patients, old people and patients with gastro-intestinal issues.


Our goals are to increase quality of life, enable fast recovery from surgery or chemo therapy and reduce complications with online nutrition therapy.


Studies showed that every fourth patient in German hospitals is at risk for malnutrition or is malnourished. That is not only a problem in Germany but also in Europe and all over the world. The European Council even published a resolution in 2003 to adress the problem. That’s why we want to provide you with easy access to nutrition therapy. And get you connected fast with a nutritionist.


European Council: Resolution ResAP(2003)


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You have a health problem that’s seriously costing you. Multiple expert groups have proven that a good nutritional status reduces the length of time spent in the intensive care unit, as well as in hospital as a whole. Patients suffer less complications and the readmission rates can be lowered with nutrition therapy. This way hospitals and insurance companies are able to save money.




Find out more about Nutri-Test and reduce your healthcare costs.

Learn how we can increase quality of life for your patients while lowering your healthcare costs at the same time.







Malnutrition Quiz


Access the Malnutrition Quiz by clicking here to find your risk of malnutrition


Once completing the Malnutrition Quiz, you will receive a score which will tell you your malnutrition risk and the action you need to take. The Management Guidelines are shown below:


Score of 0 = Low Risk


Routine Clinical care needs to be take such as repeat screening. Repeat screening if you’re at an Hospital weekly, if you’re staying a Care Home repeat monthly and if you’re living in the Community or in special age groups of people (eg. people who are 75+) repeat screenings annually


Score of 1 = Medium Risk


Observation of Malnutrition needs to take place. Document dietary intake for 3 days and if it’s adequate, there needs to be a little more concern and repeat screening. If you are at the hospital, repeat screening weekly, if you’re in a care home, repeat every month and if you’re living in the community, repeat screening at least every 2-3 months. However, if your dietary intake is inadequate there should be clinical concern. Follow local policy, set goals, improve and increase overall nutritional intake, monitor and review your care plan on a regular basis.


Score of 2 or higher = High Risk


Refer to a dietitian, Nutritional Support Team or implement local policy. Set goals, improve and increase your overall nutritional intake. Monitor and review your care plan. If you’re at a hospital, do this weekly, if you’re in a care home or living in the community, do this monthly.


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